Lovely Literary Art Prints featuring quotes By Famous Authors by Evan Robertson

i am currently looking at this Etsy store trying to figure out how I am going to convince myself not to spend money because i want them all

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The Lovely Bones

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people help the people

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Bitter Pill

How do i tell you its not working

How can i break it to you again

Hope turns into a four letter word

Ban it from my lips

How dare i

Ive got that sinking feeling

Should i dip below the wake

Let it take the best of me

Or should i fight the nature of things

And tell IT whose the filltest

Making survival my bitch

Forget about the wild and the jungle sounds

In my head its all around

The creeping  things live among the peace

You can almost tell them apart

Beyond the fences of my heart

Yet a treacherous thing it is

So look into my eyes

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